Simply put, I love my family more than anything, but the weather comes in second.  My enthusiasm for the weather dates back to an early age when I developed a natural curiosity for the inner workings of the atmosphere.  It all started with a specific interest in storms then blossomed from there.  As I grew older, my passion deepened, and as a child growing up in Minnesota, I was always known as the class weatherman.  Sure, I played sports and excelled as a goaltender in hockey, but even coaches knew where to go for weather advice.

    I followed my love of weather to the University of North Dakota where I learned from some of the best and graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences.  While in college, I landed my first job on television with Prairie Public TV then as the weekend weather anchor at KVRR-TV in Fargo.  After that, I landed in our nation’s capital, which is where I’ve been for a decade.

    I have the same fire inside of me today as I did many years ago, and I’ve been at WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. since March 2003.  I earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation from the American Meteorological Society (CBM # 484), and I value continued education through various training programs.

    After many memorable moments covering all types events, activities and severe weather, my most enjoyable moment was continuously covering the record breaking snowstorms during the winter of ’09-’10.  I crave extended coverage of big weather events both in the studio and out in the elements. 

     My passion for meteorology extends well beyond the studio as I am also an accomplished thermometer maker.  I know it sounds odd (and it is!), but I just love making thermometers from scratch.  Sometimes I have to remind my wife that there are worse time consuming hobbies.  I blow the glass, fill it with colored alcohol, seal it, calibrate it, generate a scale then mount. 

    A native Minnesotan, I enjoy sports and am an avid outdoorsman.  I can often be found trolling for walleye in northern Minnesota, wading up to my waist in saltwater fishing the flats of Florida, stalking turkey in the woods of Virginia, or hiking and running the numerous trails around Washington, D.C.  Lastly, I have blossomed into a successful gardener and am thrilled to have found a new hobby.  *Take a peek at the photos and videos for more about me.*



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